TRICKZ R.i.P in 1988

This Picture must be taken in Munich in 1988, but iam not really sure anymore. Down under is, for me, a really beautiful TRICKZ piece. typical for that time, the significant Crome Angels (Paris-Amsterdam) influence that was dominating the european styles back in the 80'ties.
TRICKZ was representing the city of Lüdenscheid and was actually, as i can remember, more famous for his Breakdance skills instead for his pieces, I met him 2 times on Jams in Dortmund (that is nearby his hometown) in the early/mid 90'ties, where he was rockin the circle before we were getting drunk together.  You could easily feel that TRICKZ was a person, where the spirit of adventure gets together  with heart and soul .
B-Boy Trickz R.i.P.

TRICKZ, SCOPE, Munich? 1988 (for closer view, please click on the image)


Wicked Clowns E-to-E in 1998...

Wicked Clowns, Berlin 1998 (for closer view, please click on the image)

BBCrew from Paris in Berlin 1994

BBC from Paris (France) in Berlin 1994. Two classic BadBoysCrew walls next to each other at the old Hallesches tor Hall in Berlin Kreuzberg...(for closer view, please click on the images as ussual)

War by SKKi, Sean by JAY1, Berlin 1994

ASH, True by JAY1, Berlin 1994


Hopsa MRN 1994...

Hopsa MRN crew from Berlin running on the S7 line in 1994....

Hopsa, MRN, S7, Berlin 1994 (for closer view, please click on the image)

Munich S-Trains in 1991

Here are some impressions from Munich in 1991. The good times on Munich trains seemed to be over, but two Names of the second generation of Munich Trainbombers were outstanding and try to carry the torch in 1991. HOT and CHEN  (IRAcrew) had alot of stuff running back then in 1991-93, mostly really effectiv simple style, easy to read but especially CHEN his pieces were for this time in 1991 one of the better trains from Germany, for me. More CHEN and HOT, here, here, here and here.
(Also Ces53 from Rotterdam was, before visiting Berlin, in Munich in 1991 and left alot of damage.)
A Year ago i was doin an Interview with an member of the legendary CLUB OF ROME from Munich, who are, i would say the first TrainKings from Germany in the 80'ties with legendary cars and till today one of the best kept german secrets, because even more then 20Years later they are only pictures and rumors about the crew and members. I asked him what happened to all these Munich trainbombers from the second generation because it seemed that alot of these Names from the early 90'ties disappeared on the trains 2-3 Years later and he explained sadly that the Munich VandalSquad had break-up the whole scene of the second generation of Munich trainbombers.
Also good to see the broad outline style back then, that was typical for West-Germany. It was an relict from the 80' ties, that was since 1989 already frowned upon in Berlin.

Munich S-train 1991

CHEN, Munich 1991

CHEN, Munich 1991

HOT. Munich 1991


character next to a Hot piece, i think?!, Munich 1991

ITEMS, Munich 1991

ZIER, Munich 1991
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PESTO aka TRICK in 1999...

A writer from Copenhagen (Denmark) who's work i mostly liked is PESTO aka TRICK, member of FYS and MOA....

Pesto, Copenhagen 1999

Pesto, Copenhagen 1999

Pesto, Copenhagen 1999
                                             (for a closer view, please click on the images)


BFM-LOFD linepiece 1996

              Some legendary Names from the Eastside of Berlin. BFM crew represent in 1996...

Karoy, 1996

Fish, 1996

Gel187, 1996

Wise, 1996

Cadeh, 1996

BUSONE Wholecar in 1991

Some days ago INKA posted on his blog a Picture of an early Wholecar from him and DIAS, i think this BUS ONE (GFA-AGS-SKS) car completely filled in with Skinnycap is also from that night in 1991. The pannel below must also be from 1991.

 BUS ONE car from 1991, Berlin

BUS ONE pannel from 1991, Berlin


High (CBS-Amsterdam) R.i.P.

I was diggin in the crates for some more HIGH CBS/GVB stuff after the first post some weeks ago, so here is part2:

PENGO and HIGH, Amsterdam 1987

High, Amsterdam 1987-88

ZKY and HIGH, 1988-89

HIGH, Amsterdam 1987-88

HIGH, Amsterdam 1985
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2 fill-ins, 1 Piece by INKA 1993

Two different versions of da same INKA piece, done at Eastside gallery in 1993. The first version was only for a few hours existing. The whole Produktion from spring 1993 is published here.

Inka (SKS-TDT), Eastside Gallery, Berlin 1993

Inka (SKS-TDT), Eastside Gallery, Berlin 1993


CBS (Berlin) hall in 1998...

CBS hall with Drama,Kripo, Pogo and others, Berlin 1998  (for closer view, please klick on the image)

Can I kick it..

Can i Kick it...Berlin mid90'ties.

DEMO R.i.P. and KANT R.i.P....

Talking about Migel and the early days of him, I have to mention two names that are close related to the name Migel. One is NEAR (TGK), his old partner in crime, known for one of the best handstyles in Berlin ever and also the person who teached me how to do graff.
The other name is DEMO aka SHEAR, who was living nextdoor to Migel and also be a partner of him. Migel did alot of pieces with Demo in the early years. You could easily say that Migel had alot of influence stylewise in Berlin Schöneberg in the end of the 80'ties.
DEMO was sadly killed in an accident some years ago. Another guy that was among them and is now not anymore around us, was Kant1, who was friends with DEMO and MIGEL. KANT was a member of KSB crew but they all usually hang out or painted together.  We all know each other from School and also one of my very first pieces, i had done with DEMO and KANT together.
So the first 3 pictures are taken from the Berlin wall in winter 1988/89, were DEMO, KANT, MIGEL, NEAR and DEKO painted together.
the other 3 pictures were takin at Pallas house projekt also in the fall of 1988, where they had on every floor an closed corridor used as an fire exit,
R.i.P DEMO aka SHEAR and R.i.P. KANT

Demo , 30Kings, Berlin 1988/89

KANT ONE, KSBcrew, Berlin 1988/89

Giants by Migel and Rok, Berlin 1988/89

Shear at Pallas, Berlin end of 1988

Ner by Near at Pallas, Berlin end of 1988

Migel at pallas, Berlin end of 1988
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Phobia and Migel in action 1999...

Phobia by Yasno /DC and Migel1 in action, Berlin 1999

4 times my man Migel 1-156,GFA,T2B,TGK- from 1988-89. The first three flicks were taken at the Lützowplatztunnel. All three pieces are from 1988 located at a smal underpass under a crossing that where opposite of Migel's house. It was not legal to paint there, but i can remember that nobody cares if you did so and you had to ask Migel for permission, before painting there. The fourth piece is from 1989 located at Hallesches tor Hall, that also dont exist anymore. For more check out Migel's Homepage with dope Berlin Styles after the jump.

Migel, Berlin 1988

Migel, Berlin 1988

Migel, Berlin 1988

Migel, Berlin 1989
                                                (for closer view, please click on the images)