Maxim R.i.P. with Dj Mesia in the year 2000

Maxim R.i.P. our mentor and founder of GFA crew together with Dj Mesia in the year 2000..

Broke Groupshow 09/2011

the state of urban art as contemporary now
Gruppenausstellung mit:
Arunski & Poet
Alexander Becherer
Anton Unai
Il-Jin „Atem“ Choi
Daniel „Codeak“ Man
Christoph Krönke
Heiko Zahlmann
Chris Logan
Mode 2
Kuratiert von Jan Kage
Ort: SCHAU FENSTER – Schauraum für Kunst
Lobeckstr. 30-35, 10969 Berlin
U8-Moritzplatz, M29
Laufzeit: 24. September bis 9. Oktober 2011
Öffnungszeiten: donnerstags bis samstags jeweils von 16 bis 19 Uhr
Die Installation ist jederzeit in Gänze von Außen einsehbar
Eintritt: frei
Eröffnung: Freitag, 23. September ab 19 Uhr, mit DJ Marflix
Finissage: Samstag, 8. Oktober mit “The Jazoburbs” als musikalischer Unterhaltung


Unlike U Movie, it was 4 times Wesp, not 3..

Some of you maybe have seen the Documentary movie "Unlike U", which includes film footage from the Corner Friedrichstrasse from 1993, where you could see 3 windowdown panels running from Wesp GHS-GFA, next to a Wholecar. Actually it has been 4 Wesp panels on this train, another single one was on the first car, which isn't seen in the movie. so here it is...

the first panel out of 4 from that Night running on the front car...
the other 3 panels running in january 1993 from Wesp...


Skalitzers Gallery Showcase Aug24-Sept11 2011

This is the Poster of the current Skalitzers Gallery Showcase. The groupshow is still running until Sunday the 11.sept. 19h. If you have time and are in the nearby area you should pay a visit


Poet Signature, Graffiti Fine Art

Poet Signature , Ink and Acrylic on paperboard,Berlin, 2011

Poet Signature , Ink and Acrylic on paperboard,Berlin, 2011


HIGH CBS from Amsterdam R.i.P.

Tribute from Serch for High-CBS hanging inside the AJAX Fotball Stadion

                                      "Rest in peace HIGH CBS/GVB from Amsterdam!

      On wednesday the 17th of august 2011 we lost one of our original pioniers
                and undisputed kings of the dutch writingscene; HIGH CBS/GVB.
     HIGH started writing in 1983 and remained active until the last day he was
                  with us, still rocking his original signature with the 3 crosses as
    the "I" which stands for Amsterdam. He was a very big source of inspiration
        for me and my generation so he will never be forgotten.
      May he Rest in Peaceor better yet Paint; all that's available in the afterlife!

                                                         Serch NES/ZF/TDS/TMT 2011"

High-CBS in Amsterdam ,1983

SVEN by HIGH-CBS, Amsterdam, 1987

HIGH-CBS, Amsterdam Tram, 1988

HIGH, SERCH and MESS, Amsterdam, 2001