some Acrylic paintings on canvas from me and how it all started...

This were some of my early works on Canvas with acryl and brush from the beginning of the Century. Where I start to discover my penchant for streetscenarios with window elements, bright colors and plain forms. Over the last ten years, I began more and more to paint canvases in this Style. With the canvas below called "Dortmund-Borsigplatz", I started to paint canvases seriously on a regular base...
Titel: Dortmund-Borsigplatz-view, acrylic on canvas, 2000

no titel , acrylic on canvas, 2001
Titel: Görlitzer Strasse. acrylic on canvas, 2003

....within the years and Paintings, I started to play and Mix all the techniques that I use together, so that some of the paintings were looking like the one downunder. Streetscenario with some Letterstyles, brush, marker and spraypaint all together. Nowadays i only paint my Streetscenarios from time to time, sometimes with Letterstyles, sometimes without...
titel: "Wrangelstrasse ecke Cuvrystrasse", acrylic, brush,marker and spraypaint, 2007
The last 4 years, I went more figurative, to break new grounds, like the close up pictures below of a Canvas, that is part of a older Gorilla series consisting of three bigsize paintings, which I did with Phos4 in 2008 and which became like a keymoment for the new uproach for me on canvas...
Gorilla series, 2 out of 3 ,180cm+ 140cm, acrylic with brush and spraypaint, Berlin 2008

close up of canvas number 2

close up of canvas number 2

close up of canvas number 2

 Finally I created a painting Style on canvas wich is kind of a mixture of figurative elements and letterstyles, but not like the classical Graff Piece with a character next to it, thats pointing on to the piece. The Letterstyles are more subtly integrated into the whole painting and fine dosed, sometimes visible, sometimes hidden. Beside the daily painting I do, my partner Arunski and me, were working on another 10 bigsize series on Canvas which is close by finish the next months, pictures of that series are published on the Belton-Molotow blog.