Kaws Companion in Berlin 1996

Kaws from Jersey City (USA) payed us a visit in Berlin in 1996. We meet up to paint a wall together at the Mauerpark hall. The next day I noticed, on my way, a painted billboard from the platform on the S-Trainstation Feuerbachstraße on the S1-line in Berlin-Steglitz. I was like, I know this skull, didnt Kaws painted them yesterday all over our background?!. I was wondering, because it was totally strange for 1996 that someone just painted on a billboard, on the advertising from a warehouse. My first impression was that I just found it stupid, because i thought it will be gone in 2 weeks, why he didnt painted his skull on one of the walls in the background?!. Couldn't know that this skull became 3 years later in 1999 the world famous "Companion", a mega store itself. Luckely i have a busstop from Kaws for my model railroad. 
Kaws, Berlin 1996

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