crazy timelaps by zReJeKT

Found this on Youtube from zReJeKT. Its a crazy time-lapse. Fuck Streetart, the new shit is Speedart...

done for The Exchange Projekt in Malmö...


some Acrylic paintings on canvas from me and how it all started...

This were some of my early works on Canvas with acryl and brush from the beginning of the Century. Where I start to discover my penchant for streetscenarios with window elements, bright colors and plain forms. Over the last ten years, I began more and more to paint canvases in this Style. With the canvas below called "Dortmund-Borsigplatz", I started to paint canvases seriously on a regular base...
Titel: Dortmund-Borsigplatz-view, acrylic on canvas, 2000

no titel , acrylic on canvas, 2001
Titel: Görlitzer Strasse. acrylic on canvas, 2003

....within the years and Paintings, I started to play and Mix all the techniques that I use together, so that some of the paintings were looking like the one downunder. Streetscenario with some Letterstyles, brush, marker and spraypaint all together. Nowadays i only paint my Streetscenarios from time to time, sometimes with Letterstyles, sometimes without...
titel: "Wrangelstrasse ecke Cuvrystrasse", acrylic, brush,marker and spraypaint, 2007
The last 4 years, I went more figurative, to break new grounds, like the close up pictures below of a Canvas, that is part of a older Gorilla series consisting of three bigsize paintings, which I did with Phos4 in 2008 and which became like a keymoment for the new uproach for me on canvas...
Gorilla series, 2 out of 3 ,180cm+ 140cm, acrylic with brush and spraypaint, Berlin 2008

close up of canvas number 2

close up of canvas number 2

close up of canvas number 2

 Finally I created a painting Style on canvas wich is kind of a mixture of figurative elements and letterstyles, but not like the classical Graff Piece with a character next to it, thats pointing on to the piece. The Letterstyles are more subtly integrated into the whole painting and fine dosed, sometimes visible, sometimes hidden. Beside the daily painting I do, my partner Arunski and me, were working on another 10 bigsize series on Canvas which is close by finish the next months, pictures of that series are published on the Belton-Molotow blog.

5 times SEAR by Poet from 2004

Sear in Dresden-Germany 2004

Sear in Berlin-Alexanderplatz, 2004

Sear in Dresden Germany 2004

Sear Berlin-Friedrichshain 2004

Sear in Malmö-Sweden 2004

Flamejam video from 2002

a little bit older, but nice video footage about the Flamejam in Zurich, Switzerland from 2002. The Flamejam serie was organized by the "Rote Fabrik", chief in charge was Felix Felsen, who did together with his team a great job for the national and international Writer community.  Phos4 and myself where invited several times to this international Jam in Swiss and i can still say that this was the best organized, well payed, most professional Jam I was ever invited to untill today. I had posted already last year some flixs from 2005 here. Check out this time DAIM, PHOS4, BIO, SEN2 and ROSY who were talking, in their national language, about the feelings and experince within Graff...


KANE RTZ from Berlin

KANE from Berlin, is at the moment one of my really favorite Writers when it comes to make pure Stylewriting and excellent colorcombinations work. Generally he is painting Freestyle straight on the Wall and he dont need fancy backgrounds, to make a wall look nice. He started in the early 90ties in West-Berlin and gained his first Fame together with his crew UTS, that where part of the legendary "62" posse (the old postcode number from Berlin-Schöneberg). He incarnated for me this swingfull, back in the 90'ties so called "Schöneberg-62 Style" trait, today like no other. Check out more dope Stuff, of the Big Daddy Kane after the jump. For a closer view of the images, click on them as ussual.


Hindenburg Poet...

preview of my part from the latest big GFA-TCK-OBS wall produktion. Pictures of the finish wall coming soon...

Poet, Berlin 2011


Kaws Companion in Berlin 1996

Kaws from Jersey City (USA) payed us a visit in Berlin in 1996. We meet up to paint a wall together at the Mauerpark hall. The next day I noticed, on my way, a painted billboard from the platform on the S-Trainstation Feuerbachstraße on the S1-line in Berlin-Steglitz. I was like, I know this skull, didnt Kaws painted them yesterday all over our background?!. I was wondering, because it was totally strange for 1996 that someone just painted on a billboard, on the advertising from a warehouse. My first impression was that I just found it stupid, because i thought it will be gone in 2 weeks, why he didnt painted his skull on one of the walls in the background?!. Couldn't know that this skull became 3 years later in 1999 the world famous "Companion", a mega store itself. Luckely i have a busstop from Kaws for my model railroad. 
Kaws, Berlin 1996

Futura and Stash2 for NFC in Berlin 1992

This is the wall that Futura 2000 and Stash2 painted live at the Tacheles for the legendary NFC Event from 1992 in Berlin organized by Adrian Nabi. Below is the poster of that event, limited and signed by Futura. They are still some original poster available on the Idl-stuff site, in the prints section.


Copy vs. Original Poet

What makes or motivates people to copy a Piece one on one?. Is it a study or is it a tribute? I dont know?!
The Poet Copy someone found it, around 650km away in Schwerte, near Dortmund
The Original Poet from Berlin, S1-line in 1993


3x Golden Poet on 70x40

Poet, Berlin 2011 70x40cm
(for closer view,please click on the images)

Poet, Berlin 2011 70x40cm

Poet, Berlin 2011 70x40cm