Poet Iceblocks Letterstudy

In general it helps to follow another aproach, to find new ideas. To be experimental is essential, always. Its part of finding yourself in anothers World. Its really Importent, i guess, to learn by doing and doing by learning. Last time i posted a Letterstudy of a walk in the Park, this time I forced Heat and Ice for the "Highlights" study. I just made some Poetblocks out of Ice and put them in the Park and on the Street, to see and understand what the Ice brings out of Highlights and Shadows, when Stylemaster Sun take care of it and burns the shit out of it. like on picture No.2 and No.8. Also funny is when people in the Park are thinking, that you might be killing Ant's with chemical Blockletters.
( for a closer view, just click on the image as usual)

going down the hill...

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