4 times Stone (T2B-GFA) from the mid 90'ties

Today, I want to Introduce to you Berlin's "Stone" T2B-GFA.  Born in West-Berlin with Familyroots from Ex-Jugoslavia. He started ,like me around 1988, with painting pieces. He is a freestyle Master and has a very unique flavor, Simple Style Letters combined with a lot of elements and some unique connections between the Letters, that let sometimes the simple stiff Letters mostly look complex and in the same time, they suggest a kind of a movement, for me. He's still active from time to time and is nowadays mostly painting on Canvases, but still with Letters. He's still pretty experimental within creating Letters, maybe i can show some new works from him within the next weeks, but today i want to put some of his Freestyle Classics from the 90'ties.

Stone in Strasbourgh, France 09/1996

Stone @ Hallesches tor, Berlin, 1995

Stone @ Hallesches tor, Berlin, 1996

Stone @ Clayallee School, Berlin, 07/1996

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