2 trains by Basok TFB-SGS

Basok belongs to the 3th. Generation of Berlin writers. He was a very talented writer, from the District Berlin-Moabit. With his old Partner Risk aka Fame184 he produced alot of Burners. They where allegorical for the 3th. Generation of Berlin writers that grew up on the Friedrichstrasse Corner and hanging out there for Years. Everybody back then loved the Flavor and the passion of them both. Some more Basok here, here, here and here

Kosab by Basok, Berlin 1995

Basok Subway, Berlin mid90'ties

7 times Dejoe DC-GFA

Some classic flicks of my Oldschool brother Dejoe, DC-GFA, who's active since 1988 with an smooth Flow and Original propotions and still spinning the 1&2's...(for a closer view, please click on the Images).

Dejoe, Berlin 1993

Dejoe, Berlin 1993

Dejoe,Berlin 1999

Dejoe, Berlin 1997

Dejoe, Berlin 1992-3

Dejoe, Berlin mid90ties

Dejoe and Esher, Berlin end 90ties


8 times Berlin's FLASH (RMA-BMQ-GFA)

FLASH from Berlin, half German half Italian, belongs to the Third Generation of Berlin Writers. Which took over in Berlin in the mid 90'ties. It was the time when alot of the Berlin writers from the second generation went over to the hall of fames and leaved the Trains and Walls on the Trainlines alone. The Third Generation kept it hardcore and continued to the level, that the second generation had marked in Berlin. FLASH was one of them. His "Kool" and "Shok" pieces with the long bars influenced so many Writers, that it became like a Trend in Berlin, to paint one of those Names at least one time. I consider him to one of those guys, that have pure Style in their venes. His Pieces were ahead of their time, I think. His Influence on Berlin Style is tremendous for me. He's maybe, one of the most overlooked Berlin Writers. His influence is like similar to Phos4's influence on Berlin Style, i would say. Maybe the difference is only that people took it from Phos4 directly, while in the case of Flash, you had a lot of Writers in Berlin who had carrying his Ideas out and even out of Berlin. Mostly the Trainbombers took alot of his simple but genious Elements and ideas. In 2002-3 where the years i think, where you could see it clearly, that alot of Pieces on Berlin Trains started to have these long, naked, stiff bars and Elements. He also mastered the letter "F" for alot of Writers in whole Germany. Here were some Goodies from FLASH, found on Streetfiles.org. (For closer view, please click on the Images as ussual)

Flash,Mauerpark, Berlin, 1999

Flash, Mauerpark, Berlin, 1998

Flash,Mauerpark, Berlin, 1999

Flash,Mauerpark, Berlin, 1999

Flash,Mauerpark, Berlin, 1999

Flash, Görlitzer park, Berlin, 1999

Flash, Eastside Gallery, Berlin, 2004

Flash, Berlin 1996

4 times Stone (T2B-GFA) from the mid 90'ties

Today, I want to Introduce to you Berlin's "Stone" T2B-GFA.  Born in West-Berlin with Familyroots from Ex-Jugoslavia. He started ,like me around 1988, with painting pieces. He is a freestyle Master and has a very unique flavor, Simple Style Letters combined with a lot of elements and some unique connections between the Letters, that let sometimes the simple stiff Letters mostly look complex and in the same time, they suggest a kind of a movement, for me. He's still active from time to time and is nowadays mostly painting on Canvases, but still with Letters. He's still pretty experimental within creating Letters, maybe i can show some new works from him within the next weeks, but today i want to put some of his Freestyle Classics from the 90'ties.

Stone in Strasbourgh, France 09/1996

Stone @ Hallesches tor, Berlin, 1995

Stone @ Hallesches tor, Berlin, 1996

Stone @ Clayallee School, Berlin, 07/1996


10 new Poet sketches...

...from the sketch session last Saturday... (for a closer view, please click on the images as usual.)

R.I.P. Rammellzee

Just wanted to remember Ramm-ell-zee the genius...It's around a Year he passed away ,far to early, at the age of 49. He was for many a Pioneer and also for me a great Inspiration and source of mystic Flavor. Iam really thankfull for the time we spended together when Adrian Nabi brought him to Berlin, in 2005 for a "Backjumps" show. Talking with him about Style theorys and letter Construction changed my point of view.  Also seing him live performing his legendary "Gangsta duck" Rapstyle from the 80'ties, in his costumes, was a real experience. Read what the New York Times wrote about Rammellzee .Rest in Peace


New painting from Mode2 in Berlin

Mode2 from London, painted a wall in a big shop-window in Berlin-Kreuzberg on the 13 of June,2011...as he said: "it's just freestyle."


Poet the Nuclear Assasin 2011

Poet,  2011 (for closer view,please clcik on the image)
This is my part of the latest TCK-RTZ collabo Production from Berlin with Drik, Esor, Tom85, Some and Jack aka Mr.Ice. More pictures of that huge wall coming soon...



Some,Inka,Nomad,Poet,Bates and Planet

Poet  ,Berlin 2011

(for a closer view,please click on the Image)

A production with Some, Inka and Planet from Berlin together with Bates from Copenhagen and Nomad from Hamburg on a hot summer day in Berlin 2011

emptying the scraps...

Poet, GFA Berlin 2011
Another production alongside with Some, Bates, Keen, Game and Asem in Berlin, 2011

...another quik Bates-Poet in Malmö Sweden

Bates Poet, Malmö, Sweden 2011


Poet in Brussels 2011

Poet in Brussels, Belgium 2011
In the Country of fries and chocolat, We met up with the WIZARDS crew from Brussels for a production. See the whole wall on their Wizardsarmy blog


a walk in the "POET park"...

Sometimes a walk in the park or nature is kind of helping to get out of the City's stress factor. It can be also a kind of Inspiration sometimes. You can find or see thinks that are made by the "King". Letters are embedded everywhere. We have in our  anthroposphere to straighten the letters for our all comunication, meanwhile in the nature they are still formed organic because for their aesthetics. Its just in the eye of the beholder. Some examples...

POET made by GOD, Berlin 2011...

another POET in a different Style...

..going WildStyle....(for a closer view,please click on the Images).