King Amok 156crew in 1989

Amok, Berlin 1989

Amok, Berlin 1989

Double Amok 1989 , for closer view please click on the Images.
 1989 was the Year when Amok took over in Berlin with outstanding Styles. He actually painted only legal pieces from 1989 on and had his own Hall of Fame called Bundesplatz. I often went there instead going to school and watched his pieces or him painting for hours.
Iam pretty sure that it was Amok who influence me and some more Berliners about this double Piece think. He often painted 2 pieces next to each other as one production, like the 2 Amok's on top, one of his most famous productions.
In 1992 he asked me to lead a save nightmission (together with Loomit as guest in Berlin), which I was kind of proud of later, because the train he did became one of my favorite Trainpiece from Berlin ever.

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