2 times NELK by Berlin's AKIM

Nelk by Berlin's Akim ,Berlin mid 90'ties

Nelk by Berlin's Akim. Berlin mid 90'ties

Ash2-BBC from Paris in Berlin 1989

Legend by Ash2,  Berlin 1989

Ash2, Berlin 1989 (for closer view, please click on the image)
Another fat production at Amok's hall of fame called Bundesplatz in 1989. The "Berlin-Paris 156 Connection" started in 1988 when JON ONE from New York visited, together with BBC from Paris, West-Berlin. They linked together with Adrian Nabi and AMOK. I already postet some great stuff that JAY1 and SKKI produced in Berlin, so ASH2 was kind of missing. Specifically the "Legend" piece on top with the Razorblade outline was a killer back in 1989.

King Amok 156crew in 1989

Amok, Berlin 1989

Amok, Berlin 1989

Double Amok 1989 , for closer view please click on the Images.
 1989 was the Year when Amok took over in Berlin with outstanding Styles. He actually painted only legal pieces from 1989 on and had his own Hall of Fame called Bundesplatz. I often went there instead going to school and watched his pieces or him painting for hours.
Iam pretty sure that it was Amok who influence me and some more Berliners about this double Piece think. He often painted 2 pieces next to each other as one production, like the 2 Amok's on top, one of his most famous productions.
In 1992 he asked me to lead a save nightmission (together with Loomit as guest in Berlin), which I was kind of proud of later, because the train he did became one of my favorite Trainpiece from Berlin ever.

My Workflow...

Berlin Miniatur wall by Poet, 2010
 This the Berlin Miniatur wall version of the Sketch from here, Some sketches i make 3 Versions of it, one painted on a regular wall somewhere outside in bigsize, one version on a smaller Canvas and one version on a Miniatur of the Berlinwall. I find it quit interesting to do 3 versions of some selected Drawings i make. Its not that i have not enough ideas, the Reason is more about that I believe that the drawing gets more value by doing so. This sketch I even painted 4 times, on a wall outside, miniatur wall seen above and on a small Canvas and a big Canvas, I dont know why this specific sketch but i liked to do so.

Poet Attack Canvas part1

Poet Canvas 2009,  60*80cm
This is a Canvas I painted in 2009 with a brush, spraypaint and Markers. I really liked it and it was till last week hanging in my Living Room before it now got Sold for a good price, Its not that big, just 85 cm high and and 60cm wide. It was also the first Canvas I made a poster of. The poster is printed in the same original size as the Canvas, limited up to 500 pieces and their are the last copys left. You can  Order them here. 

Pack Poet Ink on the line 1994

  Pack by Phos4, Poet and Inka on the S1-line back in 1994 found on fickdiewelt.de where there have alot of good old and new Berlin Stuff  and a nice Berlin Classics section about the 80'ties....

Bielefeld-Berlin Connections

Game, Mrs.Chy, Poet in Bielefeld 2009, Germany


"Graffiti Burners" the book

Hi everybody, may some of you have notice that it was a little bit quit the last days on my blog, i had and have still some technical problems, but will try my best to fix it as soon as possible. Meanwhile is a book out called Graffiti Burners from Document Verlag, where some work from me is featured. below is a trailer of this book.

 Graffiti Burners trailer