"SOK" RCB-TFB-GHS in 1991

SOK or SOC, early 90'ties RCB crew (Rock City Bombers) member and later founder of the TFB crew (the Fanatik boys), is a Berlin oldschool writer from the District Wedding. Other Berlin crews he is down with are GHS (Ghettostars) and P.of C. (Partner of Crime). His Name is closely connected with the first Trainbomber Generation in Berlin. His nickname was "Multona Soc" because he loved to paint with that brand. More TFB-SOC here , here , here, here and here, here ,here  and here 

SOK,  RCB  1991

SOK,  RCB 1991

SOK,  RCB 1991

SOK,  RCB 1991

SOK,  TFB 1993

TVIM by SOK,  RCB 1992

SOK- RCB and ASK by Kage-GFA 1991

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