Berlin Flashbacks part 5

Flash, Fame184, High by Poet, BMQ crew 1996
BMQ stood for Better Move Quick or the german version "mach' hinne alter" . A crew that I founded in the year 1993. It was also the first crew, after the re-union of Berlin, wich had members from the western and the eastern part of the City. Members of BMQ back then were Fame184 , Flash aka the original Shok, TrashSaet62Phos4 and myself, also Nick and Stope were down for a short time with BMQ.  The crew is not existing anymore, what Remains were some nice Mural productions like here, here and here and legendary trains like the "Wild Style" series like here and here. more wild Style  here here, and here. and more BMQ stuff here, here , here , herehere and here , here and here.

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