"SOK" RCB-TFB-GHS in 1991

SOK or SOC, early 90'ties RCB crew (Rock City Bombers) member and later founder of the TFB crew (the Fanatik boys), is a Berlin oldschool writer from the District Wedding. Other Berlin crews he is down with are GHS (Ghettostars) and P.of C. (Partner of Crime). His Name is closely connected with the first Trainbomber Generation in Berlin. His nickname was "Multona Soc" because he loved to paint with that brand. More TFB-SOC here , here , here, here and here, here ,here  and here 

SOK,  RCB  1991

SOK,  RCB 1991

SOK,  RCB 1991

SOK,  RCB 1991

SOK,  TFB 1993

TVIM by SOK,  RCB 1992

SOK- RCB and ASK by Kage-GFA 1991


Berlin Flashbacks part 5

Flash, Fame184, High by Poet, BMQ crew 1996
BMQ stood for Better Move Quick or the german version "mach' hinne alter" . A crew that I founded in the year 1993. It was also the first crew, after the re-union of Berlin, wich had members from the western and the eastern part of the City. Members of BMQ back then were Fame184 , Flash aka the original Shok, TrashSaet62Phos4 and myself, also Nick and Stope were down for a short time with BMQ.  The crew is not existing anymore, what Remains were some nice Mural productions like here, here and here and legendary trains like the "Wild Style" series like here and here. more wild Style  here here, and here. and more BMQ stuff here, here , here , herehere and here , here and here.


"Triangle-prop Style" analysis

Poet-GFA  03,2011 see the whole production here

This Style, I call Triangle-prop Style. Its the result of combine form and element. For the Letters I liked to chose a more dynamic form. The triangle form is kind of oldschool and classic for me, alot of nice letter innovations were build up on that form, i guess because of its dynamic look and the tension of the three sides that suggest a kind of movement, simple executed in a raw form.
So i used the traingle form wich fits good to the letters of the name Poet, but this time i wanted them only on the top of the letter,like a roof. Normally people do mirror the top triangle down, so that you get a diamond form out, for the whole letter. I marked this cut with pink dots in the middle of the name. Down under the line i tryed to work mainly with only one classic element in different form and size. Even if the top of the letters is really stiff, I get a lot of movement or I think maybe even hektic in the bottom of the letters. The dotted pink line in the middle is for the letters like water, where the head looks up an the body is swimming down under like a dog.
To let the letters not to be so naked i added some Forms and arrows to get more weight (numbered 1). By number 2 , I had also the idea of just closing the space to get a more unique form of the P, but i didnt execute that on the wall, i dont know it didnt work on the wall with the colors, like it worked on the sketch.
On the letter T,  I get back more to that diamond form by using more layers of elements and arrows, but also tryed to get a kind of more organiced confusion with a big cut out on top of the T.
In the end for me personal it was importent to work and keep it in a simple style form, with classical elements to have that connection from past and present, history wise.

Iam sorry for my bad english but its not so easy to explain my thoughts in another language, it feels kind of limited when it comes to a explanation or analysis.



MRN crew from East-Berlin representing the Marzahn-Hellersdorf Projekts on the trains since the early 90'ties. They are still active and still wanted by the GiB (VandalSquad), here where some oldies but goldies. (KMER R.I.P.)
43ers ,MRN

Moses- MRN-1994    (another picture of this train)
MRN - 1996

Test, Kamel, Komik, Comic....

MRN 1999
                                              ....some more stuff here, here, here and here

Dortmund Centralstation wall 1991

Its time for some Classics. This time from Dortmund, Germany, where they have their famous wall alongside the tracks, right behind the Centralstation. Iam sorry for the distance of the pictures but there was to much traffic to get closer pictures. On the pictures, I took in august 1991, you could see some pieces of the first and the just upcoming second generation of Dortmund writers or better hardcore bombers. This wall had a layer of paint nowadays from easily more than 1000 illegal pieces i guess. (For a closer view just click on the images as ussual).

Cole,  Daz, Uno,  Ziel-TRD,  Kesh,  Riz.....

Ziser, YCKB, Seyes, YCKB....

Lie (R.i.P), Rio, Kesh, Sak.....

Spook, TUForce, Virus, Ziel....

Sak,  Zune,  Zue...

Roe, Duo, The, Koach, ???, Now one...


Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 1

I saw the book by a friend some days ago and took some pictures of it, its almost 10 years ago now that the book came out...

Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 1
Kaos45 GFA
Kaos45 GFA
Kaos45 GFA
Kaos45 GFA


Badboy SKKI 1989

Just found this two pictures with characters from SKKI-BBC from Paris, done in Berlin 1989 at the Bundesplatz hall of Fame. Back in 1989, when i saw the wall as a kid, it blow my mind away. Now 22 Years later, I count them still to my "All time Favorites" characters.

SKKI-BBC 1989 Berlin
SKKI 1989 Berlin

TOK-DRM 1996

Frays 1996
TOK DRM 1996
DRMad  1996


Oaktown DREAM (TDK) R.i.P

DREAM in 1988 Oakland, USA  (Rest in Peace)
Dream TDK, considered as one of the Style Kings / Pioneers of the San Francisco Bay Area, he was instrumental in bringing NY guys out there, making those connections and became known for doing everything well, from Tags, Throw-ups to wild style pieces. He was getting shot in 2000 in Oakland. His murderer was never caught. People have a lot of pride for what Dream did in the Bay-Area. Infact in February, marked the 10th anniversary of his death. There was a big benefit show holded down for him. Rest in Peace

thanks to JURNE for the Infos

"The Hardcore" Copenhagen S-Line 1989

Denmark, Copenhagen S-Line 1989...Chase, Bank and Kaz