taking my life outside in for "The Fence"

The canvases from "the Fence", the Exibition from last week. I posted a link with some fotos from the sq210 blog. Here were mine, where you can have a look in a higher Resolution. The fill in is made of a collage from fotos taken out of my Writers life. A way of taking the outside, inside. I did a whole series of works in that Style, where i put the Identity into the Signature. Also u huge Poet Brain canvas with the size 180cm high and 200cm long, as you can see on the bottom foto.
Poet 2011 (for closer view click on the images)

Poet 2011 size of both is 100cm high and 150cm long

Poet big size brain 180cm high and 200cm long , 2010

Poet and Poet brain canvas next to eachother

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