Dane TCF sketches in 1993

its about now 15 Years ago that i saw new stuff from DANE, a writer who belongs to the first West-Berlin generation of painters. These generation started in the early/mid 80'ties the Movement in West-Berlin on the walls and especially on the famous Berlin wall. DANE belongs to the TCFcrew (The Comic Freezers or The City Famous), back then together with SHEK, DASK aka ROSE and SKONE (Dane's brother), they did legendary walls in the late 80ties in West-berlin and were count as a big influence on Berlin Style. I can also remember that Dane were one of the, if not the cleanest painter back in 1988. His lines were always so sharp and precisely that it was hard to believe that he just did this with his hand and without no help. Also his Style was one of the most elegance, always well proportional. Very Simple with mostly no elements. That brought him in Berlin the titel: the Perfectionist. Many Berlin Writer's like for example DEJOE (GFA/DC) count him as an huge Influence on their own Style. Even if he is not really painting anymore since many Years, DANE is still a great part of the Berlin Writing History. Nowadays he's working as an illustrator and Art Director for worldwide known Magazines. Check some old Styles here, here, here, and here and some of his last sketches from 1993 down under.....

Dane TCF Berlin 1993 (for closer view, please click on the images)

Dane TCF Berlin 1993

Dane TCF Berlin 1993

Dane TCF Berlin 1993


The Exchange 2011

The Exchange wall in Berlin 2010...for the release of the Exchange book             

the latest Exchange: Stae2 / Poet 2011...Sketch by Poet/ Piece by Stae2 see more exchanges here


RTZ-TCK Collabo (Berlin-Paris part4)

                               Plak, Fuku, Drik- TCK on the Top and RTZ with Pro176, Mr.Ice, Poet on the bottom  (for closer view click on the Images)


Pro176  RTZ-UB


Drik TCK

Fuku TCK and Mr.Ice RTZ

Plak  TCK

Poet and Pro176  RTZ

Berlin Paris Collabo part3

Poet, Pro176, Drik, Inka...Berlin-Paris 2010   (for closer view, please click on the Images)


Pro176  UB-RTZ

Drik TCK, Inka CMD


Roskilde...painting Festival

Some days ago I put a Sear piece on the blog from the Roskilde Festival.Here were some more Pieces from the Years 2003 and 2004. Roskilde festival...Painting festival, thanks to Lars
(Please click on the images for closer view)
Sear City...GFA

Sear and Reim from Copenhagen

Sear together with HuskmitNavn and Fys crew..
Poet together with Para from Sweden..!Please meet me here..."

Poet GFA...Bigger is better


SAER Subway 1989

painting on glass..

it started with just some tryouts on glass and ended up in a whole series of works. Here are the first attempts, where I just tryed to get a feeling for the materials and possibilities. All done with Molotow spraypaint and One4all markers.

testing a brain...

glass on glass...


Kaos45 sketch

Kaos45 by Poet, 1998

taking my life outside in for "The Fence"

The canvases from "the Fence", the Exibition from last week. I posted a link with some fotos from the sq210 blog. Here were mine, where you can have a look in a higher Resolution. The fill in is made of a collage from fotos taken out of my Writers life. A way of taking the outside, inside. I did a whole series of works in that Style, where i put the Identity into the Signature. Also u huge Poet Brain canvas with the size 180cm high and 200cm long, as you can see on the bottom foto.
Poet 2011 (for closer view click on the images)

Poet 2011 size of both is 100cm high and 150cm long

Poet big size brain 180cm high and 200cm long , 2010

Poet and Poet brain canvas next to eachother


MSN crew in Berlin

Mellie 1993 Berlin    (click on the images for closer view)

MELLIE - MSN crew from Dutch (Holland) first time in Berlin with his Partner REAZE in 1993. In the Summer of 1994 he came back a second time together with LINE. The nowadays legendary MSN crew is known for massive trainbombing and innovative styles on steel, made in Dutch.

GFA, Mellie 1994 Berlin

Mellie 1994 berlin

Line 1994 Berlin

Mellie 1994 Berlin

Line 1994 Berlin

Line 1994 Berlin


"the Fence" finissage 05.02.2011

Just saw these pictures and more very nice flicks from "the Fence" series, from the final finissage at the Nest 05.02.2011 over here on sneakerqueens blog...

Poet canvas

Poet canvas

Poet sketch session

             Yesterday i found time to do some drawings...(for closer view click on the Images)