S1 S-Station and Train impressions in 1991

S1-Trainstation Humboldthain In the district Wedding 65

Fake, Biroc,Obas,Phoe,Crash and many more

Fake, Birok, Obas,Cera(RiP),Phoe,Make, More, GFA, Pace, 65 Busters, Rag,Ozone...

S-Train on the S1 line from Outside...

...and from the Inside.. Pace, Fake, Jake,..

...Biroc, Sak, 65Busters, Fake, Jake...

...Tune,SBR,Laser,Fake,65Busters, Daisy, Obas..

..Sak, Rag,Fake,Obas,Dash3, Sok, Kim..
This were some impressions from the S1 Line from 1991. On top you see the Entrance of the Station Humboldthain in the District of Wedding and one S1 train carriage from the inside. The Station Humbodthain was the Hometurf of GFA back then and also in 1990 an early Writers Corner for Writers from the Northside of West-Berlin. Until 1990, It was the first Station in the Westside after leaving the Station Friedrichstr direction up North on the S1 line where the train stopped. Friedrichstr, for example was the only S-Train Station in the middle of East-Berlin where the Trains from West-Berlin stopped, because you had a checkpoint there, where you could enter into East-Berlin with a Visa. Before and after the Station Friedrichstr, you where passing by 2 empty Stations in the East of Berlin where the train was not stopping. These S-Stations were called by the West Berliners as "Geisterbahnhöfe", which means Ghost Stations. Because of this special Situation of the Station Friedrichstr, located in the East of Berlin, a Checkpoint and controlled by the Communist Goverment, it was chosen from the West-Berlin Writers as the perfekt Writers Corner. The East German Border Guards or Soldiers that were on patrol back then, on the Ghoststations and the checkpoint Station Friedrichstr, didnt care about if you were tagging the Train carriages. They were to argue that the West Berlin capitalism Kids can deface their on capitalism train propperty. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the end of 1989, the Writers Corner at Friedrichstr was already established and became an infamous meeting point for different Generations of Berlin Writers untill 1996-97. As you can see here, here and very good here.

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