Poet (RTZ-GFA) and Some (RTZ-SOS)

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I think SomeOne is one of the most overlooked Writers from Berlin. Its not only because he is Writing since 1983 and is still active. He was probably the best Writer back in the days of West-Berlin 1987-88, together with Kaos1(TDC), before Amok took over in 1989. I consider SomeOne aka Spok also to be the best Writer from the district Berlin-Kreuzberg (little Istanbul) ever, together with Neco (36ers and founder of TGK). SomeOne was back in the 80ties a loner in Kreuzberg, wich means he was not really intergrated into the scenes from the North or South of West-Berlin. SomeOne has a unique original Style and a strong philosophy about Stylewriting. He is also considered as the founder of SOScrew and Mentor of Odem and Phos4, in his opinion was Phos4 the more talented one. He could be seen as one of the pillars of the so called Berlin Style. Some more pieces here, here and here. Or check out his Account on Flickr

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