"Goebenstr." canvas

Goebenstr.  Berlin-Schöneberg 08/1993

On the top picture you see the Goebenstr, located in Schöneberg 62, in the year 1993, viewed from the S1-Trainstation Yorkstr. (ex-Großgörschenstr) side. In the back you can see Pallas projekts crossing the street. Right in the center of the picture is the left side of the street, where the Downstairs shop is located.
In the year 2000 i started to paint on Canvas with brush and acrylic paint. This is one of the early works from 2002. I preferred, from time to time, Street scenarios instead of graff or letters. I dont paint them like 1on1, I try to use more the characteristic of the architecture or the picture I took. And I mostly choose areas as a motive, where i had a strong relationship to or spent alot of time in my life. I always liked the typical architecture of Berlin houses that where charakterized or influenced from the second Worldwar. Due to the invasion of Berlin there were alot of houses bombed and they later filled the holes with new buildings and modern architecture. Also a lot of houses that where getting bombed and burnt out, are later reconstruct with a flat rooftop. These circumstances and the City of Berlin, as an divided and re-united City influenced me alot in my works, I think.

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