forget about Sear...

Eastside Gallery together with VIM from Stockholm

Berlin Kreuzberg- Naunynstr.

...wall with Dike and Gone

Fresh as ever wall with Phos4..
(click on the Images for closer view)
Over the years of painting and a growing amount of Pieces, it happen 2-3 times that i painted the same sketch in different times, without knowing it. It was always the same feeling by painting it the second time, that this Sketch was kind of familiar to me. I know it sounds strange, but i draw alot and collect every sketch i did, in a big box. Sometimes i get a call from some homeboys, "yeah were here.. we rollerpaint the wall, somebody is missing for the free space...hurry up ect..." so then in the hectic, i grab a sketch and i just didnt remember that i painted it already a year ago maybe. I mean it just happen 2-3 times but it was kind of interesting to see for me the different Executions.

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