East Side Gallery sucks

...the "inofficial" backside or Westside of the East-Side-Gallery. Wich was for about the last 20 Years, the last remaining part of the Berlin Wall, that was free to paint for everybody. It was, for the Writers the longest Hall of Fame in Town, untill 2009 when the City of Berlin gave 2,4 Million Euro for the restoration of the Artworks from the front of the East-Side-Gallery and painting the backside, with the "unofficial" Artwork, White (As you can see on the bottom Picture). Its not allowed anymore to paint on the backside of the East-Side-Gallery and if somebody do so, it get overpainted immediately with rollerpaint. Sad that the Goverment doesnt had understand, that the backside with this "unofficial" works, painted by the Berlin youth, was also a real attraction for the Tourists and for some of them even more Interesting than the frontside. Also remains the Questions, 2,4 Million Euro is alot of Money and the Artists that had to restore their old Paintings on the frontside, just recieve each 3000 Euro for that. Its also a shame that you can buy, in the official East-Side-Galery Shop alot of pictures, images or souveniers, that were taken from the backside of the wall, from the Writers work. Also old original painted pieces of the Berlin wall. For example you can buy little painted Rocks of the wall for 300 up to 600 Euro, that where originaly taken from a wall that Loomit did together with Odem and Gor. The funny thing about this is, that this wall was not even part of the original Berlin wall, it was just a near by wall, in front of the Berlin wall.... Its always the same, they chase us out the house and keep the rent.

Official East-Side-Gallery front at Night, longest lasting part of the Berlin Wall and one of the main Tourist attractions in Berlin, 1,3 km lon...
From left to right: Hek, Saet62, Poet73, Wesp on the ladder, someone from Copenhagen, Shek, Bisaz and some more guys in the back in 1993.The finish Poet Piece
1991 backside painted by Sare, Loomit, Amok, Khan, LoomitMigel usw...

 ...in 1991, Sare, Rew, Sare, Nok36 (R.i.P), Sare
...Sear in 2003....
...Ebony by Poet, 2003...

 Sear...left to this in 2003.
...westside of the East-Side-gallery back in the days...
...and Today!.Fuck the buff and censorship.


  1. Wahrscheinlich steckt die Idee dahinter, die Mauer den Touristenscharen in ihrer "originalen" Version, bei der die Ostseite unberührt war, zu präsentieren...

  2. kann es sein, das Die Ostseite, die zur Strasse hingewandte Seite ist,auch bekannt als Eastside Gallery und die Rückseite auf die sich mein Artikel bezieht die Westwärts gewandte Seite ist?!.
    Im übrigen waren beide Seiten im Originalen Zustand unberührt und weiß.

  3. Um es auf den Punkt zu bringen: Die West-Berlin zugewandte Seite war in der Regel bemalt, aber für die Touristen haben sie mal eben die Seiten vertauscht.