Berlin Flashbacks part 4

U7 Subwaystation Kleistpark , mid 90ties

U7 Subwaystation Hermannplatz, mid 90ties

U7 Subwaystation Mehringdamm,  mid 90ties

Another legendary bombing crew from the Berlin district of Kreuzberg-61 is JFK- KRZ. Between the Years 94-2000 JFK- KRZ names popped up all over the inner City districts, on the streets with big Silver bombs and on mostly all stations of the Subwayline U7, U1, U6 and U8 crossing the Berlin districts Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Neukölln. JFK- KRZ was a active bunch of around 15 people, including Writers, B-Boys and Dj's. There were also into organising Club events, running a Company including a Clothing label and many more other things were different members of JFK- KRZ were part of it. Most of JFK- KRZ were also playing in a footbal-team, wich i joined in the Years 2000-2005, together with other friends like KoolQ, Taktloss and Jack Orsen. In the Year 2008, the Team has won the Berlin footbal Championship. ...R.I.P. Atek

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