"The amazing SKE" From Puerto Rico

TNB All Stars by the amazing SKE from Puerto Rico. SKE is The amazing Artist with a great talent all the way. He can do everything, from simple Style to complex Style and off the top of one's head he can paint, what ever you can Imagine. He is an Oldschool Brother that started with Writing in 1982. When i first saw him painting photorealistic characters, i could see how skillfull he is. He is very fast and instead of other Writers i know, who paint also photorealistic characters and need a wide range of similar colors to blend, he just need for a Face 3 different beige colors and white and than he blends the colors back and forth like a Wizard. When i ask him How he build up his skills, He sad it has to do with the circumstances that, back then in Puerto Rico, a spraycan costs 8 U.S-Dollars and that it is alot of Money in Puerto Rico.

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