Berlin Flashbacks part 4

U7 Subwaystation Kleistpark , mid 90ties

U7 Subwaystation Hermannplatz, mid 90ties

U7 Subwaystation Mehringdamm,  mid 90ties

Another legendary bombing crew from the Berlin district of Kreuzberg-61 is JFK- KRZ. Between the Years 94-2000 JFK- KRZ names popped up all over the inner City districts, on the streets with big Silver bombs and on mostly all stations of the Subwayline U7, U1, U6 and U8 crossing the Berlin districts Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Neukölln. JFK- KRZ was a active bunch of around 15 people, including Writers, B-Boys and Dj's. There were also into organising Club events, running a Company including a Clothing label and many more other things were different members of JFK- KRZ were part of it. Most of JFK- KRZ were also playing in a footbal-team, wich i joined in the Years 2000-2005, together with other friends like KoolQ, Taktloss and Jack Orsen. In the Year 2008, the Team has won the Berlin footbal Championship. ...R.I.P. Atek


Exclusive UNLIKE-U trailer

Exclusive "Unlike-U" movie trailer on Poet73.blogspot.com. The movie is coming out on 02.02,2011, for more infos and how to order the DVD check here


Poet (RTZ-GFA) and Some (RTZ-SOS)

(..for closer view click on the image)
I think SomeOne is one of the most overlooked Writers from Berlin. Its not only because he is Writing since 1983 and is still active. He was probably the best Writer back in the days of West-Berlin 1987-88, together with Kaos1(TDC), before Amok took over in 1989. I consider SomeOne aka Spok also to be the best Writer from the district Berlin-Kreuzberg (little Istanbul) ever, together with Neco (36ers and founder of TGK). SomeOne was back in the 80ties a loner in Kreuzberg, wich means he was not really intergrated into the scenes from the North or South of West-Berlin. SomeOne has a unique original Style and a strong philosophy about Stylewriting. He is also considered as the founder of SOScrew and Mentor of Odem and Phos4, in his opinion was Phos4 the more talented one. He could be seen as one of the pillars of the so called Berlin Style. Some more pieces here, here and here. Or check out his Account on Flickr

forget about Sear...

Eastside Gallery together with VIM from Stockholm

Berlin Kreuzberg- Naunynstr.

...wall with Dike and Gone

Fresh as ever wall with Phos4..
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Over the years of painting and a growing amount of Pieces, it happen 2-3 times that i painted the same sketch in different times, without knowing it. It was always the same feeling by painting it the second time, that this Sketch was kind of familiar to me. I know it sounds strange, but i draw alot and collect every sketch i did, in a big box. Sometimes i get a call from some homeboys, "yeah were here.. we rollerpaint the wall, somebody is missing for the free space...hurry up ect..." so then in the hectic, i grab a sketch and i just didnt remember that i painted it already a year ago maybe. I mean it just happen 2-3 times but it was kind of interesting to see for me the different Executions.


Berlin front-doors 2002

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
All pictures were taking in Berlin 2002, in the district of Prenzlauer Berg...for closer view klick on the image.



East Side Gallery sucks

...the "inofficial" backside or Westside of the East-Side-Gallery. Wich was for about the last 20 Years, the last remaining part of the Berlin Wall, that was free to paint for everybody. It was, for the Writers the longest Hall of Fame in Town, untill 2009 when the City of Berlin gave 2,4 Million Euro for the restoration of the Artworks from the front of the East-Side-Gallery and painting the backside, with the "unofficial" Artwork, White (As you can see on the bottom Picture). Its not allowed anymore to paint on the backside of the East-Side-Gallery and if somebody do so, it get overpainted immediately with rollerpaint. Sad that the Goverment doesnt had understand, that the backside with this "unofficial" works, painted by the Berlin youth, was also a real attraction for the Tourists and for some of them even more Interesting than the frontside. Also remains the Questions, 2,4 Million Euro is alot of Money and the Artists that had to restore their old Paintings on the frontside, just recieve each 3000 Euro for that. Its also a shame that you can buy, in the official East-Side-Galery Shop alot of pictures, images or souveniers, that were taken from the backside of the wall, from the Writers work. Also old original painted pieces of the Berlin wall. For example you can buy little painted Rocks of the wall for 300 up to 600 Euro, that where originaly taken from a wall that Loomit did together with Odem and Gor. The funny thing about this is, that this wall was not even part of the original Berlin wall, it was just a near by wall, in front of the Berlin wall.... Its always the same, they chase us out the house and keep the rent.

Official East-Side-Gallery front at Night, longest lasting part of the Berlin Wall and one of the main Tourist attractions in Berlin, 1,3 km lon...
From left to right: Hek, Saet62, Poet73, Wesp on the ladder, someone from Copenhagen, Shek, Bisaz and some more guys in the back in 1993.The finish Poet Piece
1991 backside painted by Sare, Loomit, Amok, Khan, LoomitMigel usw...

 ...in 1991, Sare, Rew, Sare, Nok36 (R.i.P), Sare
...Sear in 2003....
...Ebony by Poet, 2003...

 Sear...left to this in 2003.
...westside of the East-Side-gallery back in the days...
...and Today!.Fuck the buff and censorship.


Backpiece 2011

Just found some pictures from last weekend, from the Party Arty Exibition. See more Backpiece's from this Event here.



JazzStyleCorner Berlin Painting afternoon 2005...the Word to paint was Soul. About 25 Writers, had 2 Colors and 5.min to paint. I decided to paint with violet and black. Later after the Contest i added some more Tags for Designs in white and blue.

Kaos45 on the Wall and canvas...

Kaos45 Canvas from 2007...

...and the original wall from 1999, together with Phos4.


Sear-Moe-Phos 2005

                                                   Found some GFA classics from 2005...


GFA and NK in Bremen 2001

Kaos45, TooCold80, NK by Tomek

Sear, Kacao77, Phos4, NK by Tomek, DSA, NK by Chico
                             Found the pictures here and here, plus another small canvas Serie here.

"Goebenstr." canvas

Goebenstr.  Berlin-Schöneberg 08/1993

On the top picture you see the Goebenstr, located in Schöneberg 62, in the year 1993, viewed from the S1-Trainstation Yorkstr. (ex-Großgörschenstr) side. In the back you can see Pallas projekts crossing the street. Right in the center of the picture is the left side of the street, where the Downstairs shop is located.
In the year 2000 i started to paint on Canvas with brush and acrylic paint. This is one of the early works from 2002. I preferred, from time to time, Street scenarios instead of graff or letters. I dont paint them like 1on1, I try to use more the characteristic of the architecture or the picture I took. And I mostly choose areas as a motive, where i had a strong relationship to or spent alot of time in my life. I always liked the typical architecture of Berlin houses that where charakterized or influenced from the second Worldwar. Due to the invasion of Berlin there were alot of houses bombed and they later filled the holes with new buildings and modern architecture. Also a lot of houses that where getting bombed and burnt out, are later reconstruct with a flat rooftop. These circumstances and the City of Berlin, as an divided and re-united City influenced me alot in my works, I think.


Poet-Akut 2009

Poet, Akut Berlin 2009

The same classical Partner concept like the "Double trouble" wall with Bates. Just 11 Years later done together with A-kut in Berlin, with a multi-colored outline. The character is done by Rok1, the brother of Amok.


Glorious5 in 2003

Kacao77, Phos4, Poet

"The amazing SKE" From Puerto Rico

TNB All Stars by the amazing SKE from Puerto Rico. SKE is The amazing Artist with a great talent all the way. He can do everything, from simple Style to complex Style and off the top of one's head he can paint, what ever you can Imagine. He is an Oldschool Brother that started with Writing in 1982. When i first saw him painting photorealistic characters, i could see how skillfull he is. He is very fast and instead of other Writers i know, who paint also photorealistic characters and need a wide range of similar colors to blend, he just need for a Face 3 different beige colors and white and than he blends the colors back and forth like a Wizard. When i ask him How he build up his skills, He sad it has to do with the circumstances that, back then in Puerto Rico, a spraycan costs 8 U.S-Dollars and that it is alot of Money in Puerto Rico.


"Double Trouble" 1998 by Bates and Poet

Another production in Copenhagen from 1998, together with Bates (AIO). I always had very positive experiences with him and his old friend Tiws, since we first met. Bates is always thinking in a bigger plan and brought alot of people and great Ideas closer together. He was also the one who stepped to me with this Exchange thing. He is one of the most professional painter i ever met.
And as Tiws always say to me: "Did you ever saw a wack piece from Him?!"...hell No.



are the Double Trouble Duo.