Together with Phos4 in Zürich for the second time, we painted again some walls for the infamous "Flame jam" series holded down in the Rote Fabrik location 2005. Writer, Breaker and Mc's from all over the world and Martha Cooper were invited to celebrate this Jam in Switzerland. Alots of huge walls were done in different districts of the city. We were representing Berlin on this event and painted alot of walls in this 3 days. On top i did a Sear piece on a single wall with 2 characters on the side and a Maxim R.I.P. memory. On the last picture you see a Phos4 with a unfinished Sear on the main wall, a huge brick building that was painted by alots of writers together over several days. As i can remember the finish wall was reaching the 3rd floor, we started with it as one of the first on the bottom. Flame Jam was one of the best when not the best organized Event i could remember. special thanks to Felix "Felsen" and his Staff for everything.

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