Shape Shifter Style Modus

5 times Poet, in a Style that i call Shape shifter Style. The characteristic of Shape shifter is that you not start drawing (the classical way) with the first letter and then the next and so on. You start with one surrounding Shape line, to get a Shape that is for example looking similar to a splash shape.  As you can see all the 5 Sketches had one surrounding shape line. After this I just tryed to fix my name with some simple lines into that whole Shape. For the ballance or movement I then, let come out a flame or a cloud on the side. I guess The Shape shifter Style is from the construction and characteristic point of view, similar and maybe a Mix of a real Simple Style (category), like the Bubble style (subject matter) perfect for to suggest letter forms, and a Throw-up Style (category) in form of an One-Liner (subject matter) where you also can find the comparable execution of a surrounding line that then turn into the middle for the details.

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