Flying "E" Serie on Canvas

3 Stripes Style, Cloud buster Style and Explosiv Style on canvas, all mixed together in this serie, wich i called Flying "E" serie. because first i just had the Idea to let the "E" flying around on one canvas, but then always when i was finish with the canvas, it lead me to the idea for the next. So thats why all six canvas belong to each other, because they all arise from each other.
It started with the first canvas (the one on top), wich includes 3 times Poet, where i just let the E from the first poet flying around. The second one, is a pastell version, includes also 3 times Poet but where i added a Paperstyle on the bottom.
The Sun in the middle of the first canvas lead me to the Idea to change it on the third canvas to an Eye, with only one Poet in the center. The 2 clouds, on the left and right next to the poet, where the arrows come out, are this time no letters. The T of the Poet is the 3 red arrows, coming out of the holes.( I just want to mention this, because i use mostly when i do the Cloud buster Style, a cloud with a arrow coming out as the letter "T" or when it is a "P" then the cloud have also a small Eye in the center.)
On the fourth canvas, with the red background, i came back with 7 times Poet in different Styles, where for example the olive colored Poet is in a pure Explosiv Style executed. One of the characteristics of the Explosiv Style is that the letters are stacked from up to down but still connected.
On the fifth canvas, I painted 4 times Poet on it. I tryed to play with the classical Bad/Good theme. which is symbolized within the black and colored arrows, that where fighting with eachother over the dominance of the painting and the eye of the beholder. I painted also 2 letters in black,(P and E) to symbolized that this fight is also going on in me. Wich I think broke out totally on the last painting, the sixth. Where i let this time the 5 different Styles of Poet, instead of the arrows before, fight over the dominance of the painting and the eye of the beholder.

This canvas serie was showed and sold within others in the Yard5 show "The Fence" ... extra thanks to Cris from Yard5 for his committed support...

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