Berlin Flashbacks part 2

Maxim R.i.P.  winter 1988/89

Maxim R.i.P on the ladder at Oranienstr./Manteuffelstr...

Banditz by Saer...

the finish WSC by Maxim R.i.P

Set7 by Saer...SubwayStation Bundesplatz december 1988

Mean BA, Aero, Saer, Ay-cee(AC), Setseven, Kino, York, Denotscrew on SubayStation Bundesplatz december 1988
In the Summer of 1988 i started really hard to write my old Name SAER and some other alias, like SetSeven, Dust62 or CEANZ. I actually wrote SEAR first in spring 1988, (given to me by my mentor NEAR) and then later that year I switched it to SAER and in 1990 to SARE due to activity. In 1988, I started to walk around every Night in West-Berlin streets to "get up", together with my old next door neighbor and Friend AERO, who i gave the Name. He was to everybody tolding that he is my younger brother, wich was actually not true but when somebody asked me i agree, maybe i felt guilty and wanted to give him justice, because i always "borrow" from him his trainingsuits, by jumping out the window of his bathroom.
It was also him who introduced me to some other writers from his School, back in spring 1988. it was STONE and UZY aka WISH. We were all on the same level, doin our first steps and so we started to meet for sketchsessions and the contact became closer with them. After some weeks, they asked me if i like to join their new founded crew called Bandits, which I did. Members of Bandits back then were MEAN, ZONE, KINO aka KOAN, UZY, MEGA, STONE and some more. We were mostly doin inside Tags and hittin all the innercity subwaystationes of the lines U1,U7 and U9 and a few single pieces as a crew. The crew Bandits didnt last so long. After Bandits broke up, Zone and myself formed our own crew together with Kage in 1989.
One of them Pieces I did, you can see on top. Where i was together with MAXIM R.i.P, (BKS) who did a Piece for ESO - WSC (Wild style Crew). ESO who was like the little brother of MAXIM R.i.P.. We where painting on the corner of Oranienstr./Manteuffelstr nearby the Subwaystation Görlitzer Park at around Six or seven in the Morning, with our restcans, after we painted a wall on the S-line the whole Night. Back then painting in the notorious district of South/East of Kreuzberg called SO36 was different, You actually didnt ask anybody, if you wanted to paint in the Streets back then, you just did it. So we saw this fresh renovated wall, that you could see from the above running Subway and were happy to be the first on it.

The 2 pictures below you can see a Set7 Piece (done with Marabou Buntlack) from winter 1988, wich was located at the Subway station Bundesplatz nearby the hall of fame, with the same name. Back then it was impossible to paint on the trackside walls of the Stations like it is done nowadays at night, because you had conducters 24 hours on the platforms. I did this piece on a Sunday afternoon around 5. KINO and AERO where looking out for me. Actually I was inspired to paint there, by the infamous golden throw-up "S" from the SAINTS crew, painted one Subway station further, called Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz, wich was like their hometurf and a kind of mark, i think.
First i tryed to make a Silver piece on that Station some days before, but one of the members of Saints crew discovered me as i was starting to paint on their Station and soon i was surrounded by 4 older guys, who wanted to turn on me. I just sad to them: "Look your 4 guys, iam one and you guys are even much older than me". I think they were around 19 or 20 years old and said : " Leave our turf and everything is fine." and I answer to them: "you guys will see what i come up next with." and so i went for this Set7 color piece. The piece last for about 2 weeks, because they didnt know how to buff it. On the right top of the Seven you can see that they started but quickly gave up. R.i.P Maxim

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