Door to Heaven

GFA Memorial Wall dedicatd to our dead friends and brothers who past away to early and to young. Demo aka Shear (30 crew), Kant (KSB), Ruzd79 (DRM), Mofa aka Sor1, Sektor65 (T5B), Maxim (BKS), Self36 (36juniors), Chio (MGS) and Skenner (JetsCrew) R.I.P for all.
This wall was done together with Mr.Ice (GFA-RTZ), Migel (T2B-GFA), Moe (GFA-TGK).
Special thanks to Yard 5 Berlin for making it happen.


  1. Looks fresh! Unfortunately I can't seem to get a big version of the pic...

  2. i hope its fix now, when you clik on the image.