Berlin Flashbacks Part1

Flashbacks i call a new column where i post from time to time some classic flix. this Time its a day of the summer 1989 in West-Berlin.
Soe (GFA-AGS-NSK), Becks (GFA-AGS-NSK), Bus65 (GFA-AGS-SKS) and More (GFA-AGS) partying on the Berlin Wall, while behind the wall the East german Border Soldiers observing the scenario with Machine Guns in their hand...who could know that 3 months later the cold War became history. Crazy

 One SHANE-AGS Inside and 2 outside.
Sick (GFA-NSK) surfin...

the same day like the top foto, left to right: Aniel (AGS), Arena ( 65 Oldschool legend), Soe (GFA-AGS-NSK), Becks (GFA-AGS-NSK), Sonar (AGS), Acon aka More (GFA-AGS) and in front Dj Crash (GFA-AGS-NSK)

Bose1 (GFA later also AGS), on top right you see an Arek (GFA) tag

  The AGS crew (Art Gangster Syndicate or Alles gute Säufer ) was founded in 1989 as a result of a conflict between Acon aka More and Soko, the president of GFA, who was a protege of Maxim (BKS) R.I.P.  the founder of the name Glorious 5. Mostly all old members of AGS were before members of the GFA crew. GFA was actually founded in 1987 in Berlin-Wedding by Soko, Slatko and Sick aka Wesp. After the separation of the First generation of GFA, they split into new formations like AGS and NSK (North Side Kings). In general you could say 1988-1989 was the time of a new upcomming generation and an exchange of West-Berlin Writers and mentality. Instead of the West-berlin Oldschool of the mid 80'ties, who were devided in a North and a South Scene but both mainly focused on Style and the Berlin wall. People started really bombing hard the City of West-berlin, including the Streets, Trains and their lines. Not to mention that the crews get mixed at that time with members from North and South of West-Berlin. Active members back then, as i can remember, of AGS were : More aka Psycho aka Acon, Bose, Shane aka Come, Dase, Soe, Becks. Aniel. and some more wich i cant remember rightnow... Me myself became first a member of AGS in 89 and then later in 1990 I joined GFA. 
I can remember one evening, in the summer of 1989, standing on the platform of the S-bahn station Charlottenburg arround 10 oclock, the Station had in front and behind a lay-up. pulling in a train into the station from the lay-up took my attention. i walked by and saw cops takin pictures of fresh done pieces. I noticed six, seven unfinished pieces, wich was not usual at that time. when the cops had finish their pictures they walked to the conductor house and suddenly some doors opened from the painted train inside the station and 2 girls were runnin away. They were hiding inside during the raid. I could discover Gina (GFA) as one of them and followed them. the girls lead me to the rest of them. a wild bunch of around 15 people, all of them were before in the lay-up and get raided. thats how i will ever remember them, More the leader and Mastermind with a big bunch of  Partypeople who are partying all day, hanging out on the stations, making inside tags, bumrush the gasoline station and steal a palett beer, undercoating black and silver paint for the rims and then go paint graffiti the whole Night on the line or enter the yard with a big posse. It is the same people (AGS-GFA-NSK) who  also invented the famous Berlin Writer Corner at Friedrichstrasse in 1989. 


  1. richtisch geil...Oldschool!!!!

  2. gut mal was zum lesen zu haben. danke! vorallem sehr gutes thema die alten zeiten die ich nicht erlebt habe...

    gruss reok

  3. tolle bilder.... hab mich wiedererkannt!! greetings... arena