Copenhagen S-Line 1997

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Kaos45 in Braunschweig 1996

An early quick Kaos45 piece, wich i did in Brauschweig, summer 1996. Next to me painted Elvis from Dortmund who was there with R.A.G (Ruhrpott A.G.). it was the first time i met them guys and since then we are good friends. Brasil became later also a GFA member in 1999, the only one from West-Germany.


Berlin Flashbacks Part 3

T-kid the first time in Berlin, 1994. He was here for about a 9 days, i think. Adrian Nabi invited him and payed all the cost. He had to paint every day one or two pieces. Adrian Nabi planned everything out before. One Wall with Phos4 and Jay1, one with Shek and Poet, one with Wesp and Bisaz where Jay did also some characters, one with Inka,Rew and York, and so on and on. I think the only one who didnt paint with T-kid, was Odem. maybe because of false pride or politics. Most of the walls, where published in the first Issue of the Backjumps Magazine under the title: "T-kid boom'in Berlin".
I can remember when T-kid after a week was saying: "When the fuck did i see something from Town?, i didnt had seen anything until now, only painting, painting...come on Nabi give me a break, only one day, some sightseeing maybe, this is a place of History over here". But Adrian reply: " Our Time is running out man, peoples are waiting for you. You have to paint as much as possible, so that people learn as much as possible".
One of the last walls he should do was with the entire GFAcrew. Back then, consisting of Kage, Eso, Shek,Poet and Gina. But the weather maked a monkey wrench in our plan. It was heavy rainning and the Wall that was chosen, were to wet to paint. So Adrian called up one guy of NHS (Neukölln Hustlers), to ask them if we all could go to their Hall of Fame, dirrectly located at the S-Station Neukölln, wich has a roof. The Hustlaz agreed and so we finally painted together this huge wall in the 44 neighborhood with T-kid and also some members of TFB and NHS. I did an "Yesim" piece that day. There was also a huge crouwd of writers and kids out of the Neighborhood, on the Street watching the whole thing and messing around, while we where painting. But it was a great and funny day. The picture i took, shows T-kid the Legend from N.Y.C. (with a gun from Dos) with the original first Generation of the Neukölln Hustlers: Dos, Jame, Not1, Seol and Jone in 1994, wich Names became Street legends later, for different Reasons, in Berlin and especially in their infamous district of Neukölln. Good fellas Style

Operation Rummelsburg

Old and Young, East and West rockin together in 2010...Ruph, Inka, Drik, Spok, Plak, Skim, Dike, Esor, Tom, Peace, Form, Poet. found here


Kaos45 Stylecanvas Series

This is one Canvas out of Five, from the Kaos45 Stylecanvas Series, which I did in 2008. The sketches are all 12 years old, from 1998, thats maybe why I choose an antic or old paper look for the Sketches. The picture of the canvas is actually not that good. All the Canvases have the size 50cm hight and 140cm long.


Berlin Flashbacks part 2

Maxim R.i.P.  winter 1988/89

Maxim R.i.P on the ladder at Oranienstr./Manteuffelstr...

Banditz by Saer...

the finish WSC by Maxim R.i.P

Set7 by Saer...SubwayStation Bundesplatz december 1988

Mean BA, Aero, Saer, Ay-cee(AC), Setseven, Kino, York, Denotscrew on SubayStation Bundesplatz december 1988
In the Summer of 1988 i started really hard to write my old Name SAER and some other alias, like SetSeven, Dust62 or CEANZ. I actually wrote SEAR first in spring 1988, (given to me by my mentor NEAR) and then later that year I switched it to SAER and in 1990 to SARE due to activity. In 1988, I started to walk around every Night in West-Berlin streets to "get up", together with my old next door neighbor and Friend AERO, who i gave the Name. He was to everybody tolding that he is my younger brother, wich was actually not true but when somebody asked me i agree, maybe i felt guilty and wanted to give him justice, because i always "borrow" from him his trainingsuits, by jumping out the window of his bathroom.
It was also him who introduced me to some other writers from his School, back in spring 1988. it was STONE and UZY aka WISH. We were all on the same level, doin our first steps and so we started to meet for sketchsessions and the contact became closer with them. After some weeks, they asked me if i like to join their new founded crew called Bandits, which I did. Members of Bandits back then were MEAN, ZONE, KINO aka KOAN, UZY, MEGA, STONE and some more. We were mostly doin inside Tags and hittin all the innercity subwaystationes of the lines U1,U7 and U9 and a few single pieces as a crew. The crew Bandits didnt last so long. After Bandits broke up, Zone and myself formed our own crew together with Kage in 1989.
One of them Pieces I did, you can see on top. Where i was together with MAXIM R.i.P, (BKS) who did a Piece for ESO - WSC (Wild style Crew). ESO who was like the little brother of MAXIM R.i.P.. We where painting on the corner of Oranienstr./Manteuffelstr nearby the Subwaystation Görlitzer Park at around Six or seven in the Morning, with our restcans, after we painted a wall on the S-line the whole Night. Back then painting in the notorious district of South/East of Kreuzberg called SO36 was different, You actually didnt ask anybody, if you wanted to paint in the Streets back then, you just did it. So we saw this fresh renovated wall, that you could see from the above running Subway and were happy to be the first on it.

The 2 pictures below you can see a Set7 Piece (done with Marabou Buntlack) from winter 1988, wich was located at the Subway station Bundesplatz nearby the hall of fame, with the same name. Back then it was impossible to paint on the trackside walls of the Stations like it is done nowadays at night, because you had conducters 24 hours on the platforms. I did this piece on a Sunday afternoon around 5. KINO and AERO where looking out for me. Actually I was inspired to paint there, by the infamous golden throw-up "S" from the SAINTS crew, painted one Subway station further, called Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz, wich was like their hometurf and a kind of mark, i think.
First i tryed to make a Silver piece on that Station some days before, but one of the members of Saints crew discovered me as i was starting to paint on their Station and soon i was surrounded by 4 older guys, who wanted to turn on me. I just sad to them: "Look your 4 guys, iam one and you guys are even much older than me". I think they were around 19 or 20 years old and said : " Leave our turf and everything is fine." and I answer to them: "you guys will see what i come up next with." and so i went for this Set7 color piece. The piece last for about 2 weeks, because they didnt know how to buff it. On the right top of the Seven you can see that they started but quickly gave up. R.i.P Maxim


Evergreen in criminal Law

Cover of a Book for Lawyers with the content: criminal law relating to young offenders. maybe somebody should sue them for misfeasance..



Just found this one in the web. It must be the Night of the Springjam in Frankfurt (a.M.) in 1993. Where i met for the first time Dare R.I.P.  and his friends from Switzerland. We were going outside around the corner, with a whole bunch of people, for a beer and looking for a spot where we can all hang out. We found it behind the fence and I can remember that Cowboy69 from Munich, Odem and Arunski were also with us that Night, where a typical discussion about Style dont had to be missed.
thanks to FCA from Offenburg for the picture. 


Flying "E" Serie on Canvas

3 Stripes Style, Cloud buster Style and Explosiv Style on canvas, all mixed together in this serie, wich i called Flying "E" serie. because first i just had the Idea to let the "E" flying around on one canvas, but then always when i was finish with the canvas, it lead me to the idea for the next. So thats why all six canvas belong to each other, because they all arise from each other.
It started with the first canvas (the one on top), wich includes 3 times Poet, where i just let the E from the first poet flying around. The second one, is a pastell version, includes also 3 times Poet but where i added a Paperstyle on the bottom.
The Sun in the middle of the first canvas lead me to the Idea to change it on the third canvas to an Eye, with only one Poet in the center. The 2 clouds, on the left and right next to the poet, where the arrows come out, are this time no letters. The T of the Poet is the 3 red arrows, coming out of the holes.( I just want to mention this, because i use mostly when i do the Cloud buster Style, a cloud with a arrow coming out as the letter "T" or when it is a "P" then the cloud have also a small Eye in the center.)
On the fourth canvas, with the red background, i came back with 7 times Poet in different Styles, where for example the olive colored Poet is in a pure Explosiv Style executed. One of the characteristics of the Explosiv Style is that the letters are stacked from up to down but still connected.
On the fifth canvas, I painted 4 times Poet on it. I tryed to play with the classical Bad/Good theme. which is symbolized within the black and colored arrows, that where fighting with eachother over the dominance of the painting and the eye of the beholder. I painted also 2 letters in black,(P and E) to symbolized that this fight is also going on in me. Wich I think broke out totally on the last painting, the sixth. Where i let this time the 5 different Styles of Poet, instead of the arrows before, fight over the dominance of the painting and the eye of the beholder.

This canvas serie was showed and sold within others in the Yard5 show "The Fence" ... extra thanks to Cris from Yard5 for his committed support...


Extended Outline Style

This is a Poet piece I really like. Iam not really shure why, but I painted another Poet before, more colorfull, wich I was not satisfied with. it came not really out like it should and i was kind of frustrated. So I just packed my heat and a fatcap and let it flow,  did the firstlines and then decided a different uproach with the Outline. The extended Outlines gave the Style a kind of raw flavour, I think. So after 20 min with this piece my bad temper disappear.  It was done on the Montana (Germany) factory ground near Heidelberg, where i was invited with some other writers from Germany to test the warranty of merchantability of the first Colors from the Montana Gold Spraypaint Edition in 2003.


Berlin Flashbacks Part1

Flashbacks i call a new column where i post from time to time some classic flix. this Time its a day of the summer 1989 in West-Berlin.
Soe (GFA-AGS-NSK), Becks (GFA-AGS-NSK), Bus65 (GFA-AGS-SKS) and More (GFA-AGS) partying on the Berlin Wall, while behind the wall the East german Border Soldiers observing the scenario with Machine Guns in their hand...who could know that 3 months later the cold War became history. Crazy

 One SHANE-AGS Inside and 2 outside.
Sick (GFA-NSK) surfin...

the same day like the top foto, left to right: Aniel (AGS), Arena ( 65 Oldschool legend), Soe (GFA-AGS-NSK), Becks (GFA-AGS-NSK), Sonar (AGS), Acon aka More (GFA-AGS) and in front Dj Crash (GFA-AGS-NSK)

Bose1 (GFA later also AGS), on top right you see an Arek (GFA) tag

  The AGS crew (Art Gangster Syndicate or Alles gute Säufer ) was founded in 1989 as a result of a conflict between Acon aka More and Soko, the president of GFA, who was a protege of Maxim (BKS) R.I.P.  the founder of the name Glorious 5. Mostly all old members of AGS were before members of the GFA crew. GFA was actually founded in 1987 in Berlin-Wedding by Soko, Slatko and Sick aka Wesp. After the separation of the First generation of GFA, they split into new formations like AGS and NSK (North Side Kings). In general you could say 1988-1989 was the time of a new upcomming generation and an exchange of West-Berlin Writers and mentality. Instead of the West-berlin Oldschool of the mid 80'ties, who were devided in a North and a South Scene but both mainly focused on Style and the Berlin wall. People started really bombing hard the City of West-berlin, including the Streets, Trains and their lines. Not to mention that the crews get mixed at that time with members from North and South of West-Berlin. Active members back then, as i can remember, of AGS were : More aka Psycho aka Acon, Bose, Shane aka Come, Dase, Soe, Becks. Aniel. and some more wich i cant remember rightnow... Me myself became first a member of AGS in 89 and then later in 1990 I joined GFA. 
I can remember one evening, in the summer of 1989, standing on the platform of the S-bahn station Charlottenburg arround 10 oclock, the Station had in front and behind a lay-up. pulling in a train into the station from the lay-up took my attention. i walked by and saw cops takin pictures of fresh done pieces. I noticed six, seven unfinished pieces, wich was not usual at that time. when the cops had finish their pictures they walked to the conductor house and suddenly some doors opened from the painted train inside the station and 2 girls were runnin away. They were hiding inside during the raid. I could discover Gina (GFA) as one of them and followed them. the girls lead me to the rest of them. a wild bunch of around 15 people, all of them were before in the lay-up and get raided. thats how i will ever remember them, More the leader and Mastermind with a big bunch of  Partypeople who are partying all day, hanging out on the stations, making inside tags, bumrush the gasoline station and steal a palett beer, undercoating black and silver paint for the rims and then go paint graffiti the whole Night on the line or enter the yard with a big posse. It is the same people (AGS-GFA-NSK) who  also invented the famous Berlin Writer Corner at Friedrichstrasse in 1989. 


Shape Shifter Style Modus

5 times Poet, in a Style that i call Shape shifter Style. The characteristic of Shape shifter is that you not start drawing (the classical way) with the first letter and then the next and so on. You start with one surrounding Shape line, to get a Shape that is for example looking similar to a splash shape.  As you can see all the 5 Sketches had one surrounding shape line. After this I just tryed to fix my name with some simple lines into that whole Shape. For the ballance or movement I then, let come out a flame or a cloud on the side. I guess The Shape shifter Style is from the construction and characteristic point of view, similar and maybe a Mix of a real Simple Style (category), like the Bubble style (subject matter) perfect for to suggest letter forms, and a Throw-up Style (category) in form of an One-Liner (subject matter) where you also can find the comparable execution of a surrounding line that then turn into the middle for the details.

Door to Heaven

GFA Memorial Wall dedicatd to our dead friends and brothers who past away to early and to young. Demo aka Shear (30 crew), Kant (KSB), Ruzd79 (DRM), Mofa aka Sor1, Sektor65 (T5B), Maxim (BKS), Self36 (36juniors), Chio (MGS) and Skenner (JetsCrew) R.I.P for all.
This wall was done together with Mr.Ice (GFA-RTZ), Migel (T2B-GFA), Moe (GFA-TGK).
Special thanks to Yard 5 Berlin for making it happen.


Kids of the Night part6

Kids of the night part 6 this time in Wloclawek, Polen together with Inka (CMD) and Polak (CMD) from Berlin and the ultimate B-Boy Scotty76 (TPM-RTZ) from Heidelberg, who painted the great characters. We used 3 colors of rollerpaint and 16 cans of spraypaint for the whole wall at the end. Thanks goes to Z-Bir from Poland for everything.

Kaos45 in 2000

3 Stripes Explosiv Style on Canvas



Together with Phos4 in Zürich for the second time, we painted again some walls for the infamous "Flame jam" series holded down in the Rote Fabrik location 2005. Writer, Breaker and Mc's from all over the world and Martha Cooper were invited to celebrate this Jam in Switzerland. Alots of huge walls were done in different districts of the city. We were representing Berlin on this event and painted alot of walls in this 3 days. On top i did a Sear piece on a single wall with 2 characters on the side and a Maxim R.I.P. memory. On the last picture you see a Phos4 with a unfinished Sear on the main wall, a huge brick building that was painted by alots of writers together over several days. As i can remember the finish wall was reaching the 3rd floor, we started with it as one of the first on the bottom. Flame Jam was one of the best when not the best organized Event i could remember. special thanks to Felix "Felsen" and his Staff for everything.

for my homeboy

A usual afternoon in my Street with Phos4, Moe, Sero, Takeshi, were we had these abandoned basement walls that we call "Grube". We always went there for a quick production or to empty some restcans. As Usual alot of friends came along when they are in my Hood for bying some Weed or just to hang out with us. At this day Stone (T2B-GFA) came along and stepped to me and said :" Don't you see?! You gotta have to put a cutted out Star in the middle of the E. otherwise it will not burn."so i better did it.


charakter/letter in one

In 2007 i was asked to be a judge in the Write4Gold Competition for the Eastern Europe battle, holded down in Budapest (Hungary) . The first 2 crews where qualified for the worldfinals. Of course i had to paint also a wall there. I tryed to make a mix between the S and a character on that piece. On the right i painted the Spray'in Fatcap. Invented by my crewmate Eso/GFA. Special thanks on this way to Rene from Molotow for making it happen.


S1-line 1994

just found this one on the web, i think it was once published in a book about german graff but iam not shure. it was done on the legendary long wall on the S1-line in berlin-Schöneberg 94. i didnt had a picture by myself of it, i just remember that i was that night with Saet62 on the line, who painted next to me. he was living straight on top of the wall in a nearby house with view on the line. back then I was for years mostly daily on the S1-line in Schöneberg painting or hanging out with the boys.


Keen from London and Cope2 from New York getting busy in Berlin


lost pictures...

...its nice to find sometimes a picture in the net, thats missing in the collection and almost forgotten. thanks to Kens.

Poet Fok Wesp


this is a model of the berlin S-Bahn in white/blue, which they never released, only one dummy in the early 90`ties. The Colors where for to many berliners , just to much bavarian like, so they tested on one train a grey/red version of it but the berliners didnt really liked it. Finally they keeped the traditionell beige/red Combo in the end. but the really special note on this dummy is that the train only have 2 doors instead of 3. Sad that they didnt release that model. i think Graffiti on a white train would really look great .