Poet in Lissboa

I know, 2008 its been a while. but iam sure you didn't have seen this one from Lissboa, Portugal. Straight 1988

peep this..

pictures of the first berlin miniwall edition from 2008, the Edition was limited up to 250 single wall elements, all handmade and sold out after 3 months. As you can see the first edition had a little bit smaller wall elements than the followin editions. This double Poet for example was exibited at a Artshow in Berlin named PartyArty and sold to a Gallery and artcollector from N.Y.C.


2 different versions..

Just found this picture of a older Berlin Miniwall model. the first version is done with Markers. The second version was done with spraypaint on a wall, a little bit later . The whole Production with Base23, Cope2, Cren and Spion after the jump

first steps....


Berlin Mini Wall

i found some pics of the BerlinMiniWall that where already sold some months ago...

This one is part of a longer one that was sold in Paris on a Art-Auction in April this Year...
The pictures below a part of a also longer model, i painted them for a groupExibition in Berlin also April this year with Poet's that were a miniatur copy of pieces i did in the 90ties on the Berlin Wall. later on this Model went on for a Exibition in the U.S., where it was also sold.

GFA shirt

RTZ Allstars

Kids of the Night Part11

Kids of the Night, part 11 (for a closer view please click on the Images)


Tales from the retirement home

20 restcans for the gaylords...i dont giva fuck. Fuck Doc-TC5, hes a fake double tounged gay and fuck Sye-TC5 (whos this?) his junior. Even da original first TC5 laughs about them guys. they where just pointed out as a piece of shit in this Graffworld. i could now bring alots of argument why iam doin this, but who cares...

Berlin Mini Wall gets painted

I found another short clip, where you can good see how the Berlin Mini-wall gets painted.Wesp, Bas2 and Poet for the Wallbreakers/Modart Festival. you can still order your own berlin Miniwall @ yard5.de (on the left bar of this site)


"the Exchange" in Morges

"the Exchange" in Morges Switzerland with Rime, Bates, Serval and Poet. Rime painted the Serval,Bates painted the Poet, Serval painted the bates and I painted the Rime piece with a background, just what I was seeing behind my shoulder. For more flix and Styles check the exchange blog or Rime his blog:

Somey Poet L-Gate in Berlin

Somey and L-Gate from Brussels(Belgium) visited Berlin...I painted this time also the characters. cheers

Poet Bates Phos4 in Berlin

I just found this produktion from some months ago with Bates and Phos4 in Berlin on Bates his blog.


New Poet-Brain Movie

Brandnew Poet-Brain Movie produced by Hard2Burn and Galaxy 5 Productions...the idea of this Movie came , when they filmed the Operation on my Brain last year (clear vissible in this Movie). So on this way I want to say Thanks again to the whole team of Prof.Dr.Med. Axel Folly for putting everything back, where it belongs to.


Another Collabo..

Plak(TCK), Pro176(GT-RTZ) from Paris, Poet(GFA-RTZ) and Mr.Ice(GFA-RTZ) rock'in together

Poet Ces53 Canvas Part2

This is the second Canvas we did together or better, he did his sketch and i colored the rest but that doesnt matter...because

...Remember the old times when Jack came out da Box


Part2 of the RTZ-TCK Canvas Collabo. This time B/W with Pro176(GT-RTZ) from Paris, Mr.Ice(GFA-RTZ), Drik(TCK),Poet(GFA-RTZ) and Plak(TCK) from Berlin

Molotow-blog Update

Udate on the Molotow-blog-magazine in the Arunski&Poet Section with a new Painting of the current Series. Above is a picture of the beginning stage of the the painting.


Fresh five in 1994

A fresh ESO (GFA) sketch from my Homeboy in 1994. Always loved his stuff...

different Brains

Another typ of PoetBrain where i just let some arrows come out the brain...

A brain where i just drop coloroutline over outline...both canvas where 30cm*30cm


Tribute to "Tracy168 WildStyle" by T-kid and Poet

(click on the images for closer view)

When i met T-Kid in poland, we decided to do a tribute piece for Tracy168, one of the greatest stylemaster ever and also one of the most overlooked, i think. So T-kid choose a sketch from Tracy's myspace site and i also choose a pic for the hommage. T-Kid painted the Tracy sketch,he also added an original Tracy character to it while i painted a WildStyle piece where i tryed to play a little bit with the Tracy Images...

Tracy168 definitly deserves it, hes one of the few true Style Kings from New York and a great Innovator, you should check him out...Wildstyle, its.. a way of Life.


New Poet brain

this Poetbrain is about 1,50m*1,50m in size, its one of a few from a new series of brains iam working on. The Outline is high glossy teflon paint. i love that paint.

Write the Wall projekt

a short clip with the infos behind the WritetheWall projekt from Artitude e.V. including the work for Modart Magazine wich was sponsored by Molotow spraypaint. If u like, see the finish pictures at the Molotow blog after the jump

Rtz-Tck Collabo

This is a Collabo-canvas were i just finished our background for the RTZ part of the canvas before i gave it to the TCK guys to finish, with Pro176 (RTZ-GT) from Paris, Mr.Ice (RTZ-GFA), Poet (RTZ-GFA) and Drik (TCK), Plak (TCK) and FukU (TCK) from Berlin