Write4Gold 2003 Movie

"Competition is none" Write4Gold Dokumentation 2003 from Write4Gold on Vimeo.
yeah its been a while since this event was holding down and i know that this event has changed alot after the year 2003. It also went more international. So we can be happy that this event is released as a short movie on the net because this movie was never realeased or promoted on dvd or something else but its a good one i think, not only because we win the final battle, it gives you a little bit an inside look of the huge writing family that we jused to be in the 90ties in Germany and i think this was one of the last events or back then so called Hip-Hop Jams in the beginning of the 2000 were you could catch and feel a little bit that old spirit. nowadays thinks were definitly different but still interesting. I love these Stieber twins.

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