Power of Style DVD Poet about Pallas Projekt

another part of the Poet feature on the DVD Power of Style from True2daGame. this is about Pallas Projekt, where i used to have my privat hall of fame. long live Schöneberg

Power of Style DVD - Poet about Julius-Leber-Bridge

Since some days the "Power of Style" Dvd is definitly sold out. the last copys of the second edition were gone within the last days. so for everyone who didnt have a copy of this masterpiece DVD from 2006 here is a short cut from the Poet part about Julius-Leber-brücke on the S1-line, a bridge i called my livingroom in the beginning of the 90ties. i used to paint there always when it was rainning. Some years ago they build a Trainstation there.

Write4Gold 2003 Movie

"Competition is none" Write4Gold Dokumentation 2003 from Write4Gold on Vimeo.
yeah its been a while since this event was holding down and i know that this event has changed alot after the year 2003. It also went more international. So we can be happy that this event is released as a short movie on the net because this movie was never realeased or promoted on dvd or something else but its a good one i think, not only because we win the final battle, it gives you a little bit an inside look of the huge writing family that we jused to be in the 90ties in Germany and i think this was one of the last events or back then so called Hip-Hop Jams in the beginning of the 2000 were you could catch and feel a little bit that old spirit. nowadays thinks were definitly different but still interesting. I love these Stieber twins.

Poet and Aski @ Backjumps Vol4.2


Backjumps Vol.4.2 The junior Issue

The flyer of the current Backjumps Exibition Vol. 4.2 "the junior issue"...check it out until 26.09.2010 if your in da neighborhood..if not, here is a link to Just his blog with some Flicks: http://just.ekosystem.org/BLOG/?p=2110